Kissing couple card

Finished kissing couple card
Such a sweet pair!

This card, featuring a smooching twosome, is my own original design, albeit heavily inspired by the card below from Creative Pop-Up Cards:

Mine is more simple of course, with the whole design hinging around a simple V-fold.

Designing the happy couple wasn’t too bad, while it was cutting out the figures that took the crown as the trickiest part of the operation, and I’d advise gradually deepening cuts rather than guns-a-blazing stabs through to the mat, which I engaged in a couple of times. The result was a few craggy edges that are hard to explain away.

Kissing pop-up cut out
Get a room already

While assembly itself should have been easy, I did still screw it up on the first attempt, glueing the second tab where I thought it should go rather than folding the card flat onto the tacky tab like the pros do it. Nonetheless, a second attempt got results!

Folded pop up
Ooh-er – things are getting horizontal

The finished pop-up kissing card

Overall I was really pleased with this card and so chose to keep it clean and simple. While I think the thin folds of paper on the hand and lips mean it won’t last too long, maybe that evanescence is part of it’s charm…

Pop stars:
Simplicity: star-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-download (long-winded cutting has taken points off)
Time taken: 2 hours (although creating while also watching Futurama)


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