Valentine’s cards round-up

Valentine’s cards round-up

Pop-up cards go together with Valentine’s Day like pegs to washing lines. Far more special than your average card, pop-ups provide a whole other dimension of affection, yet they also retain an irreverence that quells the candor of the declaration. Whatever the reason for their appeal, there’s surely no better way to get your loved one’s heart beating than from the shock of an unexpected centrepiece bouncing out at them. Below are some of the finest free Valentine’s Day card templates with which to fan the flames of your romance.

I Heart U pop-up card

I heart you card

Difficulty rating: very easy star-smiley-face-download
If you care, but very little, or if to you making your own card is less for romantic ideals and more to save on a couple of quid, this might be the perfect card to give your unfortunate partner. Even the ‘you’ is abbreviated to save you precious minutes. In fact, the toughest thing is finding it on the Russian site it originates from.

Pile of hearts pop-up card

Pile of hearts pop-up card

Difficulty rating: medium  star-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-download
This delightful little number uses the same amount of card as the preceding Russian model, but takes three times the man-hours. A sharp knife is essential for navigating those tricksy smooth curves, but one advantage of the design is that there’s little room left for text – ideal for those who find spouting sentiment a tough task. Ad lib a couple more hearts and you’ll barely have room for their name!

Kissing couple pop-up card


Difficulty rating: unpleasantly challenging star-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-download
In fairness, this design might be more complex than the others, but the tutorial is about as comprehensive as it gets, with detailed instructions, abbreviated instructions within a jpeg, and video instructions all aiding and abetting the industrious romantic. The pop-up mechanism requires a degree of accuracy to ensure the couple, who should lean toward each other finishing in a kiss, are not instead left wanting or, worse, broken-nosed. But it’s not the mechanism but the cutting that really takes the cake – the delicate hearts will be a real time drain.

If you’ve made a pop-up card for your sweetheart, I’d love to see it in the comments!


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