Pixel heart card

photo 1
Pixel heart card printables available from Mini Eco

I thought my first project should be an easy one, so that no matter what followed it would still be seen as progression. The one I chose was the pixel pop-up heart card from the fabulous blog that is Mini Eco. I’ve seen the card ‘popping up’ (sorry) around the interwebs several times now, but while it’s old news to the Pinterest addicts it’s fresh for anyone living outside the internet. First off, make sure you get the ‘New and improved’ template rather than the standard one  – the template has been flipped so that the card faces upright when the card is stood up. I nearly broke my printer trying to print onto card, so eventually I just went for plain old coloured paper, with a mind to backing it with cardboard at the end. The printables include a separate ‘cutting guide’ which shows you where to crease and where to cut. It was pretty straightforward, although despite this I did end up cutting through the bottom of the heart…

Pixel heart cut out
I’ve broken my heart

Luckily a bit o’Sellotape fixed that fail and it was all systems go for the final product. I backed the blue paper onto a contrasting colour of card, which I think turned out really well. The masterpiece! It’s a nifty little card, pretty simple to do (one of the hardest things was probably folding out all the tabs along the score lines without any other creasing), and the results speak for themselves! Handily, there’s also an envelope template on the site.

Pop up pixel card without back
Just like Amy Rose would have given Sonic
Finished Mini Eco 8-bit card
Ready to knock an unsuspecting Valentine off their feet…

Pop stars:
Simplicity: star-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-downloadstar-smiley-face-download
Time taken: 30 minutes

I loved this card from the moment I saw it and it only gets better in the flesh/cardstock. A really simple design, the quick creation time means it could even be used for something like gift tags.


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